Saturday, April 28, 2007

inspired: Dirt & Love

'Dirt falls off and is swiped with the wind
Love is called upon but misses the beat
Blood is drawn but there's not one way to deny
The dream I built with you was just a lie'

He'd pass by and gaze her way
She would look, pause, and smile away
His heart would miss a beat
His defenses - defeat
A child within him, screams
Someone to say hi to, to call your own, to your feelings - be discrete

'I didn't know that it's your hear that I was aiming for in the beginning
I like your looks
The way you posed
And your confidence in your solitude

But to say that I am the one
Whom you built your dreams upon
And cherished, all those nights long
And torn apart, one by one
Is just your way to make sure that someone else takes the blame'

'As I walk past the halls, I'd see your face
You'd be with your friends, laughing, giggling like there was nothing to worry your day
I'd walk past and feel so sad
I'd be diminished by false hope and pretense
I'd crawl within my own soul, if I could
I'd tear a hole in the time continuum, would it serve this good

Yet, me being tortured this way
A cause for valiant display
Sadness dispersed of instead of being happy
A challenge to my heart, it would be

I still walk the halls in the thoughts of your past
And I still wish the time would come on and tell me why
But to repent is to pay for your crime
And truth to be told, I still have no idea as to why'