Wednesday, April 11, 2007

what started it all - part 2

This is the 2nd article that I had sent off to the unmentionable newspaper here in Oman - the place where it is claimed that there is a right to freedom of speech - of which, after reading it, I am more than sure you will all agree with me that the article should have not been rejected in the first place nor placed in the 'sensitive' category.

Not like anyone in this country gives two shits anymore about what they should be caring about anymore - according to the newspaper unmentioned here.


What Does Muscat Actually Need?

Muscat has become quite the buzz in the Gulf region, in general, and in the Sultanate of Oman, in specific, amongst its very own population; starting with the sudden increase of tourism into the country; the booming of the real estate industry; the increased expenditure into the tourism industry. Along with the other developmental projects that are set to put Oman into the limelight of the international scene of the world map.

Among those projects that are set to boost the tourism industry in the main Muscat area is the establishment of the very first of its kind, state-of-the-art opera house. Another project is the development of a new all-in-one tourism facility in the Qurum commercial area, which would consist of an international 5 star hotel; a commercial complex and a cinema.

Those are but a few of the high standard projects that the government of the Sultanate of Oman is aiming at to provide leisure and entertainment for those who seek to have a fun time in their own special way.

Last week, though, Muscat Municipality had agreed in a meeting that it would carry out a study to establish night markets in unknown parts of the Muscat area to promote tourism and the Omani culture & tradition to tourists and locals alike so as push forward the future for rejuvenating the Omani handicrafts industry and increase the income that would only serve the Omani economy further and further.

As much as this move is commendable on the part of Muscat Municipality, it sets the wheels of thought into motion thus coming into the phase whereby we ask ourselves: Is this really what Muscat actually needs to promote eco-tourism?

Eco-tourism is a campaign that the government of Oman aims to promote itself to; to people who are considered to be in the upper and middle class of tourism customers from countries that it promotes itself to; targeting people who appreciate the solidarity that the country has to offer to the tourist who wants to flee from the ever-buzzing ticks of life itself.

So, having that in consideration, does Muscat really need a new few commercial areas – especially in the night? When the weather is weary during summer and cold as ice in the winter time?

Does the public get to have a say in these matters, this writer wonders?

Or it is simply another 'project'?


Per Your Request said...

I could see why!

You have a talent, and a passion for writing, use it wisely.
Complaining, and criticizing area easily done and the world has many individuals that take on that task daily.
Very few can uplift, and create a positive reaction. My personal belief is that people enjoy writers that enlighten them rather than dampen their mood.
Best of luck

Balqis said...

If as I understand you have a deal with them for columns then they have all the reasons to refuse these articles
Columns are a sort of "trading on soft lines"
That's more material for an editorial

Sleepless In Muscat said...

per your request:

Perhaps I have a nack for criticizing too much about the country. But when the when country is developing itself in a wrong way - should I trust the flow or go against the current?

I might agree to soften up my criticisms a bit in my next few articles but they won't ever see the light of day as I've told to stick to general topics about life, relationships and the such.


Editorial in the sense 'for editing'?

Balqis said...

Editorial in this country is a commentary on politics and is made by editors like al Zadjali or Attaie
In the Tribune they have journalists who make sort of investigative journalism highlighting problems people living here encounter day by day
Columns still remains reflections on life
If you want you are free to publish the reshaped version of your article I did and am still convinced I was honest to my ideas
I just made it more balanced : you see mainly positive sides of freedom of expression while al Rashdi [and i start to agree with him] can see the negatives when the concept is applied to a country like Oman
You can't give all of a sudden to someone who's lived exclusively of gossip and word of mouth in the last 100 years, the freedom to publish on everything without limits
And after all, weren't you the one who complained about the presence in our bookshops of a work about doubts on belief in God ?
Where's the freedom of expression there ?
I think that's the most serious problem in this country, when we don't have access to other philosophers, historians, religions
Threat to culture is the real threat to freedom
And now you think that publishing your stand against commercial policies of the government or against the Min of Information will do any good to the current situation ?
No, as it happened in the past to others, you will be probably stopped from writing and not only you : this will affect all of us so what will be obtained this way ?
Nothing, absolutely nothing
My point is [and I come from a civilisation where everything or almost everything is allowed] that if with little patience you can get something after 10 years then is worth waiting and compromising

Sleepless In Muscat said...


They wouldn't touch the piece anymore. They are no longer interested in such issues.

Balqis said...

is not in their editorial line
they're just a copy paste of agencies
you want to write about these issues ? goes to Tribune or Observer but bear in mind you must find a halfway

Sleepless In Muscat said...

I had tried communicating with the Tribune and the Observer before I started this article writing business.

But neither one of them had contacted me back.