Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the truth, the whole truth and nothing but..

Have you all come to notice that the type of news we always find in Omani media is always either prehistoric or just some form of junk that is pathetic and useless?

It's always and forever the type of news that we find in the BBC, CNN, or whatever news medium we use to get our information except that it's late.

At one point in time newspapers were complaining about bad sales and asked for help. As I know of it (correct me anyone if I screw up here), the government obliged by pushing up their sales to make an indirect sales order but if you looked at it in the media's books it appears as 'help' from the only source in town with that kind of cash around.

There was also the action back in the 90s of the last century when foreign newspaper sales were delayed a whole half a day on the news-stand to help the local news media take advantage of the situation and 'someone' whistling and walking around peacefully behind them.

Are you telling me that that's the type of compeition we are expecting to see?

It's no wonder that we don't have freedom of speech in this country (even this is enforced by law through a royal decree as of last year) but the authorities explain that this is only that the people of Oman are still not ready for this move just yet.

Whose to say?

When you take away the solid truth based by facts, what else have you got to live on?

Seriously, people - think about it.