Monday, April 09, 2007 Relationships are a way of life

For obvious reasons, I have had to resort to talking about general topics in the website.

As I had clearly announced earlier on, this would be the form of my articles from now on.

I regret that I have no control whatsoever over this issue.


Relationships are a way of life

To say that I know everything there is to know about having a relationship and how to handle such an issue would be a total lie. I am as much as confused about relationships as you are.

The common fundamental core of a relationship – whether you're in love or have a longtime childhood friend – is the issue of trust. And I have no trust in anyone no matter who they may be because in the end you only have yourself to trust to get you where you want to be. No one's more concerned for your well-being than yourself. Not your friends, not your family, and certainly not anyone you may have your eyes upon.

I'm not saying that none of those groups qualify to never have your trust ever. I'm just saying that you could never trust anyone blindly that they would carry you over to the greener side that you have always dreamed of.

Look at this way: are you friends going to do for you what's needed to be done by you and can only be done by you? Are they more caring for your issue than you are? Nobody can get the ball rolling unless you have a strong desire to reach your aspirations.

Your friends; your family and relatives; your loved ones are all there for a few reasons – one of the enlisted reasons that they would be is that they love you for you are and would change the you are for the world (that last part you might want to check with your friends, though). And it is you who brings out the you in you.

Relationships can be considered a station in your past, present and future that form your personality; your way of thinking and perhaps the way you deal with your own life. And that's what makes each and every human being on this planet special in many ways – unique, if you will.

And as much as relationships can form that happy side of our personalities, there is no high without the low. And each depends on how long you can stay patient about the casualties that you suffered during one.

I had formed many good relationships with many people I loved very dearly in my heart but they had gone and left because their time was up on this Earth. God chose them each for a purpose. People I know have come and seen me while I was hospitalized while others did not. You tend to appreciate the ones who did and forget ever again about the ones who didn't – that was the way I dealt with it.

There are people you would know from a distance and you would perhaps see in a blue moon to call them 'family'. You find yourself questioning yourself whether or not to continue the relationship or not. But no matter what decision you may make it would never change the fact that 'blood never becomes water'. So whether you despise them or love them they would still be your family.

Relationships will always be there to form a way of life. You earn friends. Other days you earn new enemies. At times you just find out new things in your life. You learn that Angels can be on Earth all the time in the form of human beings that you find glowing in your eyes and your eyes-only. And, you see the whole world so dark and bleak that you wish only for a candle to guide you back to your heart's true desire.

Relationships are a mystery by themselves just as the human mind is and is still to be explored. Yet still treasured in our hearts no matter how many stabs we get in our souls from it. We yearn for the pain to only understand the love. To me that is what a relationship is all about.



- Relationships are a way of life