Friday, April 06, 2007

open letter to the Creator

Hope is such a rare commodity that I am holding onto because of frailty that everytime I think I have lost it I ask that I can just hold on some more because I know one day everything can change if only I stay strong enough.

I visualize it as if I am in a hospital bed and I am having all this pain and the only thing that would bring it down is a quick stick of that needles in my veins. But that drug only gives away the feeling of false hope, something that only lasts for a minutes; hours at the best and I awake, sober, to the pain all over again.

I don't want the needle, but I don't want the pain either.

So what do I do?

Hold onto that hope for my dear life until God - Himself - decides it is my time to start loosening it up a bit on my side so I can start to live my life.

I know that I have to go through the lows before I can taste the highs. I know I have to be 'poor' now so that I can appreciate the value of money in money and not go squander it away on needless purchases here and there. I realize that I have to be sick now so that I can ask for help from nobody except from the Almighty because He alone will aid me in this difficult time, and without Him my medicine would not work nor would I be able to have the 'life' that I am able to see now before my eyes.

But what I do not understand is why do I have live it alone.

Why, dear God?



Balqis said...

If you free sometimes for a chat somewhere will make you laugh so you stop being so negative huh
We can bring Kishor with us so he stops thinking of the web award

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I think I will stick to reading your funny comments on my blog here.

Thanks anyhow.