Friday, April 13, 2007

speed praying

I'm almost certain that everyone's heard of the term of speed reading as it began during the World Wars I & II and spread like crazy all over the globe.

It has its advantages because people could differentiate between enemy and ally planes in the sky in the blink of an eye so as to know what needs to be done next so that they could save their lives.

Although it still has its advantages nowadays by students and employees alike by saving time to read through a whole document, some people have taken that skill to their religious chores in praying and reading the Qur'an in the mosque that they do their religious tasks.

That in itself is very wrong, and I have noticed it only just today in the Friday prayers at the mosque with some people finishing their prayers faster than I would and others reading the Qur'an so quickly that I don't think that they even understood and took the small amount of time of reading into the meanings of the words that they were reading.

If the Prophet (PBUH) was alive and saw this, he would have asked them all to redo their prayers and recitles of the Holy Book.

This is definitely not the way that we are asked to practice our religion nor was it ever, neither in the past, present or the future to come.

And it doesn't need educating because as an example if you read something very quickly you're most certainly not going to understand what is being said unless you're a descendant of Einstein.