Thursday, April 12, 2007

transferred from: Arabia Calling - rape between couples: perception through a Middle Eastern Islamic culture

The increase of cases that go announced in Arab countries especially in the GCC countries of a husband raping his own wife is alarming and asks for immediate attention towards the reasons behind such a rapid increase in such cases.

The first question that comes up to any mind is how can a husband rape his own wife? Something that is often raised as a question here in the Middle East. The answer to that is simple coming from the definition of rape, a sexual act that is carried out against the other party's own free will and submission.

Many westerners often mistake that couples in the Middle East get married for the very sake of satisfying their sexual desires without having to put into mind what other consequences they must abide by after consent to their newly found spouse. This is mainly because of fact that the West sees the Middle East region through the perspective of the Gulf visitors that mostly comes from Saudi Arabia; Kuwait and even Qatar with their high spending and often repulsive habits that more than often come into conflict with Islamic boundaries.

For that, it is something that you cannot blame the Western media in it's attempt to focus on stereo-typing the Arabs as the typical pimp that looks more for the base than the face in a slang offering.

But it is unfair and unjust to generalize such an image on other nations that offer a more true meaning to the Islamic world such as the cultural and Islamic habitat that flourishes throughout other Arab countries.


Jawahir Jewels said...

i agree with what u have said in this post 100% if not more .. also if i may add that it is those few rotten apples that give the bad name .. i told a friend of mine once during a discussion that if she wanted to understand Islam then u have to seperate Isalm from the Muslims (in todays world) coz many of us dont portray the correct picture....and ppl are judging our Faith and religous beliefs by and the Quran becouse of actions carried out by mere mortals ....

he/ she who rape's should be tormented to death really .... i feel very strongly but this topic i have seen the effects of rape and know ppl its just crushes a person...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


You took the words right out my mouth.

If anyone's going to be scrutinized it's those who commit those adultery actions which our very religion calls against.