Monday, April 30, 2007 Giving back to society

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Giving Back to Society

There are many charitable organizations in Oman that take care of several health and elderly cases here. To pinpoint every single one of them would need a dissertation just to give each one of them the credit that it deserves for a job that is more than well done.

Many of these organizations have been set up by sole individuals and other groups of people who had one common goal that they wished to reach in the aspiration that they could make this society a better place. Some of these organizations, if not all, are privately funded, except for the matter of special funding that each of them receives, thankfully, from the government of the Sultanate of Oman.

But there seems to be two issues that these charitable institutions lack and are in desperate need of –– charitable donations from the public and volunteer helpers.

When I say charitable donations from the public, I speak about more than the just regular ‘zakat’ that the public in Oman gives out for charity about once a year due to religious obligations. We are talking about funding them for more than just the bear necessities like food, water, accommodations and other utility bills.

I speak about how they are in need to feel that they are part of the society as well by joining them in frequent visits, strolling them around to enjoy the beauty that Oman has come to in the current day and time. It isn't just about the money, its also about how you reach out to a person and touch their heart to show them that you are here for them and that they are not alone.

Volunteer help is a matter of utmost importance here in the country, too. Instead of letting our teenage and adult-aged children wander off to just 'hang around' and do nothing, they can be motivated to help out at these organizations that are in desperate need of any type of help they can get their hands on.

Whether it is in terms of labour, or assistance to the residents at these organizations or just helping out with the regular chores. There is a need to educate our youth that while it is great to get something that they yearn for, that it would feel a lot better when they gave back to the society in return. It would also be a matter that changes their future perspectives on various subjects and in turn making a profound mark in their lives forever.

If we start with our children, they would pass on this education to their children and those to theirs and so on; thus, having a meaningful and positive effect on future generations to come.

Shouldn't we start now?



- Giving Back to Society