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Looking back

Student life is a wonderful thing. At least, that's what I believe from my experience.

I may be quite old to be talking about such a topic, but believe me when I say that there would come a day in your life when you would go back in your mind to say 'I wish I could relive my past days'. Perhaps, even now, you are saying that to yourself. And it's only natural that you should, because plenty of people have been where you have been and done what you did (to some extent).

It's all part of human nature that God has bestowed upon mankind. Like happiness, sadness and anger. This human notion is what science would call 'reminiscence': calling up on past memories to remember the emotions those we lived through in that specific date and time; possibly to the point of overpowerment. Something, that none of us should ever allow ourselves to succumb to.

My parents used to tell me – when I was younger – to not only work hard in my studies, but to also cherish the days because those would be the days that I could never return to or ever repeat in the future. I took advantage of that and had my fun in a responsible way, though.

But I also had great fun, enjoyed the friendships that I accumulated over the years and probably lost a few, too. In the end, it was an experience to endure and of personal benefit. Opening up my eyes to the world; the people; the environment that surrounded me; and the many various ways of life.

But it does not end there.

Your experience as a student goes on further beyond the borders of books; lectures and the relationships that you forge.

It is passed on to the new generations through the lessons of life that we teach and are still taught along the way.

The experiences that make us into what we are today formulate tomorrow's generations. And it is in that sense that we must act responsibly in our lives to learn to become better role models to the youth of tomorrow.

Is that not our ultimate goal after all?



- Looking back


Amjad said...

Very well written.

Many older people keep telling me that the age I'm living now is the best period anyone would live. They always say to me enjoy your student life to its fullest, especially in university, because when you become old you will wish those days come back again.

Well, I'm trying to listen to them, so I'm enjoying LIFE to its fullest :-p

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Thank you.

And yes, it is true. You should cherish all the moments that you have now until at least you become of 30 years of age when you really start to take life seriously.

Good luck with yours.