Monday, April 23, 2007

the cost of modern development in Oman

Qurum, Madinat Qaboos, Seeb, Khuwair and a number of other Omani vital areas within the Muscat governate are all suffocating from one epidamic: modern development.

The recent rush for the real estate sector has probably pushed the government to start make better use of the money involved of selling land sectors all over the Sultanate in terms of making better road networks, better sewage systems and a more proper grouping of residential and commercial villas and flats altogether with their main services attached.

But it is this push that is creating a bottle neck all throughout the capital where not a simple 3km drive between one area and another do you see one development project or another from the Qurum - Naseem Park express highway, the Al-Amerat to Quriyat interlink, the flyover project at Seeb International Airport and the Muscat City Centre.

Modern development may have been what Oman and its residents have been asking for all along, but to have several projects start up simultaneously at the very same time each with a specific deadline, the citizens and residents of the capital are having a hard time accepting it as it creats bottlenecks, traffic jams and most of all, accidents that none of us hope to ever be in.

Not only that, it has also gone to the lengths of invading the privacy of people's private homes and causing noise pollution, too as some of these projects - such as the Qurum - Naseem Park express highway passes by just parallel behind a few private homes and the construction of its roadworks is being conducted through breaking down mountain slopes behind a few others.

Muscat Municipality issues the Tenders to these projects, and gives out the requirements to specific construction company who specialize in those necessary fields. My question would be to Muscat Municipality; could this all not have been better planned?



The information within this post has been corrected respectively, as the only organization in the Sultanate of Oman that has the authority to look over road development projects throughout the Muscat governate is Muscat Municipality none other. Hence, the necessary ammendants had been made therefore.