Wednesday, April 11, 2007

inspired: Lost

I have a headache
I don't know why
I have a grief
Of a thousand souls that have crossed the other side

I search for the freedom
That will enable me
To become the person
That I want to be

I have search the gallows
The skies and the milky way
I have searched high and low
Beneath them is where I stay

I have lost touch
Of life and love
I have lost faith
And gained no trust

I have lost the will
The power to be a better man
The cherished dreams I always had
Why - I could never understand

I search for her
For I know she will lift me up so high
She'll show me the world
In so many ways that I have come to deny

I search for the passion
And for the trust
Is it really all over?
Can I not gain ever.. even much?