Friday, April 27, 2007

inspired: Shattered

She breathed a sigh
Looking up at the starlit sky
She wiped a tear that fell from her now red eyes
All she could do now, was let it all out with a sigh

She kept herself that it's not for her to say who or when
She kept telling herself that it's just not meant to happen
She tried to convince herself that what had happened was only meant to happen
But all she could do was let it all out with a sigh


Now she walked down a lonely street
She met people holding hands
Couples looking into each other's eyes
But all she could was hide her emotions by stopping herself from starting to weep

Shattered in devotion
She went on with her sad notions
She asked herself why this was all happening
And sighed

She sighed so heavily
That the wind stopped for a moment
The moon looked down upon her
And the stars lit her way to her home

Heartbroken, facing the truth
She said, 'Crying over you, is like walking naked through and through'