Sunday, April 15, 2007

promoting tourism and Oman Air

Following Muscati's post about how the Omani government is now going to focus its efforts on developing Oman Air instead of Gulf Air after an agreement had been reached to hand over total management of the latter airline to the Kingdom of Bahrain; there have been a number of press issues in the local media about how Oman Air is promoting tourism.

I can only agree with one thing here, and that is the role that Oman Air would need to play in the near and far future of the Omani tourism industry by expanding its number of stations internationally and regionally and not just focusing on the Indian Subcontinent and other ill-planned stations that bare no value to encourage tourists and businessmen to come and discover what Oman has to offer in value of location, local culture, and general investment opportunities with the local businessmen and the public sector, per say.

It is in my opinion that should Oman Air be willing to go further into the distance of expanding its role in promoting the Omani tourism industry it must drive further into the diversification of its brand - of which it published its details in a local newspaper through the overall change in its long term planning of the airline, its line of products and services, and the type of investments it is/should be looking into. Such as opening a number of hotels and resorts under its flagname - Oman Aviation Services Company. Complete change of the airport system and its layout, and knowledgable team with international standards set in the field to look into a number of other products that could be developed along the way.

All that and more could help put Oman Air onto the map of international recognition as a well known carrier that helped push its country and government reach the 2020 vision set by His Majesty, the Sultan Qaboos bin Said - Sultan of Oman.



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