Sunday, July 08, 2007

are we in a competition to lose our environment?

Back in the old days when I first opened up this blog, I used to always think that economics was the sound solution to providing a healthy growing developing country. But I was only partially right.

I was so against what developments that Dubai was doing in terms of ever renovating the scenes that I am sure their GPS circuits were screwed from the day they started to function. None the less, that is their business and not ours.

After a while, I began to realize the environmental setbacks for such developmental projects in an environment that runs on scarce resources. Water, oil, power; all that leads to future planning of what is said to be the 'fuel of the future' such as gas and other types of limited extracted vegetable oil (i.e.: palm tree oil; corn oil) but even then, we haven't provided for ourselves the solution that would help us move along steadily into the future but without harming the environment as much as we are now.

Not one single person in the entire GCC has presented a solution - long term or short - for this upcoming epidemic. Apart from the mechanical and technology students in various universities who are trying to find the solution by harnessing the sun's rays to maneuver cell powered vehicles for races; that is all what we have come to see.

The GCC council is now turning to nuclear energy to be used in civic projects to power up future economies and their respective countries. All this is done even though with the dangers that come along with the actual set up of such projects and their doomed ill-consequences such as Chernobyl and a Japanese nuclear reactor that was secretly spilling whilst the former Japanese government kept it's lips sealed about the situation until it regained control.

Granted that the Omani economy needs a big boost to start developing its own funds to push its GDP higher instead of relying on oil-related products, no one has yet considered the outcomes of these high-end projects that will end up being established in our beloved country.

Forget about the natural habitats for one second and consider the following: as it is we are scarce on water resources as it is, and oil production is gradually decreasing year by year plus the fact that it is expensive to keep those water desalination plants running and maintained by every year - money that we are running out of. Now the projects that are coming up gradually and will probably all finish by the year 2020 or perhaps before require all these to be in a steady position to pump them with the necessary resources. So will there be enough water, gas, oil, power to run all these projects by that time?

Or are we all in the entire GCC in a bid against who ends up screwing their environment first?


nurse on duty said...

It is such a matter of cause and effect. Always remember that in every development there are advantages and disavantages.

Herein UAE, especially in Dubai,the massive construction of the 'tallest/biggest/longest' buildings will soon harm the environment and will alter the natural ecosystem.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

I realize that.

But why should we ruin the environment for the sake of development when in time all we will get to see is how much we took our environment for granted.

And in time, also, there would be no environment left for us to live in.