Sunday, July 01, 2007

low standard of local written media

Why is that there is such a vast population of writers, poets, story tellers in the Sultanate of Oman and such a wide array and display of great trash in the aspect of written media that all you ever read is as close to gossip as the buzz is on the street?

With magazines and newspapers mostly talking about yesterday's or perhaps worse - last week's headlines, there is a need to find the solution which works perfectly to make that a certain label or brand of written media comes out beyond the rest in terms of news, opinions, set of subjects, deliverability of issues that have never been talked about, targeted issues at certain segments of the community.

It is these and other factors in the current list of local written media that one finds astonishing to see the low standard of quality of delivering the issues most cared about and highlighting that which is of near zero importance in comparison.

I find it highly distasteful and wouldn't mind putting outside newspapers instead of local ones as a basis because of such an issue that has gone on far too long here in Oman.