Sunday, July 08, 2007

has anyone noticed this?

You've all seen the range of movies that have been coming down the streamline of Hollywood and the likes of it. But have you noticed how familiar and similar they all seem to be in their general ideas?

They all point towards how the world needs a hero.

Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, Transformers, Live Free or Die Hard, The Painted Veil, TMNT, and a lot of other movies that if I had the time to list them here, it would take the entire length of the blog's page.

But, to concentrate more on the topic of heroism - is this really what the world needs? Or are the heroes around us, just too afraid to make a move and show themselves because of following consequences?

Whatever the reason is, the fact states that audiences worldwide are not only looking for an escape from all the drama of their lives but they are also looking for a savior and this is boldly recognized in the massive impact these super-hero flicks have had on them by turning them into blockbuster of wild and gigantic proportions making the likes of James Cameron eat his face inside out from envy.


nurse on duty said...

Yes, it is true that the concept of heroism is definitely the main idea of the movies you have stated.

I think the leaders of every country has their own concept of heroism. Yes they are one of the heroes that we are looking for, but as soon as they got the post and the 'evil' starts to tell them to do such acts unfavorable for everybody, the people will see them as corrupt, evil and bad leaders. In this case, sometimes the people tend to look at disadvantages only without merely looking at the positive effect in the near future.People need to be patient and I can say that it will entirely depend on what kind of leader in each every country has.

I can say that movie is a form of classic representation of what the people want. It is thru movies that the people convey to the leaders that we want a peaceful life.

BTW, such a nice post.Very cerebral.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Well you sort of got the idea except i wasn't pointing at the leaders of the countries i was talking about the simple folk like you and i.

but i guess you could say that they are included in that category.

nurse on duty said...

I know that I am categorically out of the context of what you are conveying but I just want to say that the government leaders are examples of heroes, we look at them as heroes. In the first place, we ( the people) are responsible for putting them on their post thru election. We believe that in one way or another, they can help us to achieve a peaceful life. That is why we feel frustrated when they are not doing anything to alleviate the misery of those people who are in need.