Sunday, July 22, 2007


The whole world has probably been at their TV sets with the previous ongoing attention diverted towards the infiltrators who carried out the bombing of a Pan American flight by two Libyan terrorists.

By the end of the said trial, one was convicted with life imprisonment and the other was freed due to lack of sufficient evidence to acquit him. Libya, as a country, also suffered from this disaster due to global isolation by world countries. But the country survived through its own resources.

When the verdict was announced by an international jury, the world was frustrated. It wasn't satisfied with the verdict carried out by the international court, the Libyans probably didn't believe that two of their own could carry out such a drastic measure upon innocent lives who were only on that plane to carry out their peaceful 'business'.

Then after the sanctions were lifted, therein rose another dilemma. The matter of 5 doctors - all of which were Portuguese, except for one, who was Palestinian who had infected 500 young children with the A.I.D.S. virus on purpose.

The European Union interfered along with the USA demanding that the doctors be released immediately because they were going to be put to death under Libyan law because of their unlawful act.

After long negotiations, the EU agreed to pay the sum of 1 million US Dollars to every family of the child who had been infected by the virus in order to free the medical staff from the punishment.

What seems to be ironic here is the matter of how the EU and the USA degrade our laws just to benefit their citizens but when it came to their own dying they wouldn't stand for less than the most extreme punishment western civilization abides by. And another thing is the fact that the wrong message is carried out by different people in the Libyan society because of them accepting to be paid up this much an amount for their child's eternal sickness.

It just doesn't add up.

It simply isn't fair at all.