Monday, July 16, 2007

ReBlog: Sex & Dubai - Unblock the blog

Following up the incident when Etisalat had banned the blog Sex & Dubai, the girls behind the blog have come back from the vacation and have something to say about the blocking of their blog.

On both UAE Community Blog and Sex & Dubai, they have both posted what was deemed a fight for the right to stay alive. As the girls go on to say:

With promiscuous behavior rampant and in plain view in Dubai, it's a sad state of affairs when the Government would rather clean up the blogosphere instead of the city's streets.

The girls have asked that everyone chip in to help them in their little predicament by emailing one of the following UAE dailies and asking the editors of the said dailies to highlight the problem of freedom of speech in the developing countries to the editors:

Gulf News -
Khaleej Times -
7 Days -
Emirates Today -

To view the full post you can either click here or here.

To sign the petition that would be heading to Etisalat, please click here.