Saturday, July 14, 2007

the red coats are coming

Well, they are..

What with the British moving ever so rapidly into the fame and fortune circle of the United States of America such as the ever famous Harry Potter; The Office; movies with Paul Bettany; and now Beckham moving permanently over to Los Angeles to play for the US Football team Galaxy taking along with him, his wife Victoria Beckham and their two sons.

Was there ever a doubt?

Probably not. Because the Americans might have won the Tea War way back in the history time-line but they had forgotten one thing, the have the same heritage and language. Even though a lot of you might argue on the point that the Americans are all immigrants so what heritage would I be talking about? The fact that the American society is a multi-cultural multi-ethnic society means it has a rich vary of cultures and ethnicities integrated into one.

But, besides all this. Does this mean that the British will finally end up one day taking over the United States of America through this loophole?

History has taught us that a Trojan horse can be built to infiltrate the enemy's army-line.

Perhaps history will repeat itself.