Monday, July 30, 2007

man's nature for more

What is it about the nature of mankind that pushes him to yearn for more? More power, more wealth, more health, more of everything almost that he could get his hands over.

Over the years and centuries of time, mankind has waged wars against other civilizations in the name of 'humanity', 'religion' and 'honor' of a nation but most wars that have been raged upon civilized countries, groups of culture and continents alike, have all had a mystical cause behind it.

The power that man looks for to have more grasp, to hold something in their name. To change the world as they please and should anyone choose to do so, then it is a death sentence against him and his world that he has known for some time.

We yearn for more health (never to die), for more wealth (more money power), more ownership. S

So, in reality, the human being wants to become immortal in all he senses. But in these disadvantages, there are advantages that bring us to realize that with everything that is being realize that the power also pushes them to aspire and become better at what they can do so well.

So, in short, it is the ultimate person immortality tool in addition to the