Saturday, July 07, 2007

Oman Community Blog: official launch


The Oman Community Blog is now moving full speed ahead with 20 Omani bloggers and an extra 9 on the way to accepting their invitations. Lots more where they came from, I can tell you.

The purpose of this blog (i.e.: Oman Community Blog) is to bring together all the Omani bloggers, all those who have resided in Oman in the past but no longer live here or those who still do and are interested in sharing their point of view over various aspects of the Omani environment they have/are living/lived in.

Comments are welcome from anyone who wants to share their view of what is being posted on the blog just as long as they keep it in a nice, responsible manner.

This isn't exactly how everything will stay to be for how long the blog stays up in the online world, but there would be very definite appropriate advancements along the way.

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The Oman Community Blog is now official.