Sunday, July 08, 2007

how Gulf News took the law into its own hands

I am admirer of the Gulf News for its red-line reporting on issues that concern various stages of life and sections of the society. I respect them a lot, in fact.

But having seen their latest daredevil stunt against the entire UAE online community just because a few people who know nothing of what it is behind some technology such as Facebook and pouncing at the majority like a cat defending its first born kittens, it really is pathetic to see such things happen in a country that has the advanced technological infrastructure and supposedly also has the brains to compete with the Western minds, if not, outgrow them by a mile.

After busy phone calls of ill-educated people who called in to complain about the online service claiming that the online service provider was a place to exchange pornographic material in terms of photos. I wonder if these people even checked out these claims if they were true or not. And if it were true, wouldn't Etisalat or Du have the first say about it seeing that they are the only Internet service providers in the UAE?

And saying that this claim is true, and seeing how much the Gulf News tries to put some light on immoral issues that are happening in the country, shouldn't it be highlighting drinking issues in the UAE? And what about the matter of 'female workers by night' - what about them and their dominance in the UAE especially in Dubai in areas that authorities just look the other way at? And what about the other issues in the high society of the country's officials - not that I am saying there is - but what about them?

If the Gulf News is prepared to act as moral police then they should set up their official private force and stop everyone from going out and having fun and what not.

The fact of the matter here is that the Gulf News newspaper is just that - a written piece of media. In the subject of Facebook - what should have been done was that they highlight the complaints received by them by local citizens/residents and ask that the proper authorities - be that the TRA or Etisalat or Du look into the matter and decide upon then. The same applies to the other services such Flickr, and DevianArt.

God gave everyone a mind when they were born, He also set the rules, He asked that we follow the rules, He also gave us a choice to differentiate between what is right and wrong. Who are we to push people to make choices that they don't want to make themselves?



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Twister said...

TRA is also over-reacting...blocking the entire Orkut domain is like killing a mosquito with a missile...

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Unfortunately, your TRA organization is far too young in experience to deal with such sites and less open minded might I add - which is a shame