Sunday, July 01, 2007

Oman Community Blog - reminder

The invitations have been sent to all the people who I have been able to get my hands on their emails. Unfortunately, two people so far have declined to accept the invitations; and respectfully so.

There are still a number of open invitations that have still not been answered. If you are a blogger who resides in Oman or has been to Oman or is an Omani blogger, please check your email inbox or junk mail box to see whether you got one or not. If you have, please accept it as soon as possible. If you haven't and you are interested in joining up the upcoming Oman Community Blog, please don't hesitate at all whatsoever to send me an email on:, and I will send the invitation as soon as I get your request.

I'd like to also announce that I have assigned one of the Community's blog's contributers to create a button that would link to the blog which you could easily put onto your personal blog to let everyone know that: 1. you are a member of the said blog. 2. self-promotion of the blog.

Hope to hear from everyone out there in days to come.

Thanks again for your kind attention!