Wednesday, July 11, 2007

info needed

I've been trying to search for both the Oman Journalists Association & Writers Guild Oman official websites or any info about registering with them and had no luck whatsoever.

Does anyone know what their the website addresses or contact numbers are?

I would greatly appreciate it..


Balqis said...

Nice question
Since the day it was inaugurated last year in Hyatt, with the partecipation of Sayyid Asad, the domain, is not opening
I tried all the combinations,, om
The contact form on min of info website is not working
The webmaster is not answering
After Ustica, this might be one of the misteries of this century
You should go to ask to the Min itself, am curious to know what they answer

آمنة said...

Official website for Oman Journalists Association is not existent. They announce it as, but this is not yet there, yet they can answer you in more details on 24475449

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I tried all those combinations, too. But nothing ever happened.

Maybe they don't have a webmaster yet.


Thank you for that piece of info.

Balqis said...

The web address reported by local press when it was inaugurated in March 2006 is exactly
I also remember a picture of Sayyid Asad browsing it but never worked since the first day
I tried to ask to Ministry people at the book fair this year, unfortunately they don't speak English and my Arabic is limited :P
Difficult to find articles online cause all English newspaper sites changed, so their archives not working
You can find something I pasted from Times of Oman in one of my posts :