Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Oman Community Blog - beta

The Oman Community Blog has been unleashed to the public as a 'beta' stage.

You now have the opportunity to see what the blog looks like and what it aims to be and make any possible suggestions as a reader or perhaps still have that last chance for yourself to sign up as a contributer.

Please bare in mind that nothing is perfect as of yet, as the word 'beta' would give off as an impression but if there are any suggestions that you are interested in seeing in the blog that you think might be of use to it, please don't hesitate to make them.

We now stand at 18 contributing bloggers and still await the acceptance of the invitations sent out to an extra 9 more. We hope to be able to get them as soon as possible.

Feel free to browse and comment on the blog and it's posts - even though they are just a few.

I guess that's about it..