Saturday, July 07, 2007

the day the blind man's heart stopped beating

I told him to hold on
I told him to breath
I told him to carry on
Not to leave

His pulse was weakening
His heart beating slow
I'm just not ready
To accept another loss

Under the dark side
I could see the light
I saw the shimmering
A world of delight

It was so far away
I could hear them sing hymns
My eyes pulped tears
I could not cry nor whim

I am the blind man
That has no heart
The spirit that has been taken away
Was taken away from me and broken apart

Of a child laughing
Dancing in the rain
Of a daughter in the living room
Playing doll games

Of the Autumn leaves
That fall to the ground
Of cry, a tear, I within
I shed with no sound

Of the fortress I hold
Around me
Of the walls I barricade
To stop the feeling that pains me

I am no one
But a blind man
A man with no heart
Someone, the world would never come to understand