Tuesday, July 24, 2007

first Omani 'online' quiz

A first of it's kind - Omani 'online' quiz - has been conjured up by an Omani national as part of the ongoing celebration of the 37th Rennaisance that the country is currently celebrating this year.

Its based upon a number of facts that you have to look up in predefined books and if you win, you get to win several prizes from cash to other accessories and mobile systems & the such.

The quiz is open for all nationalities who reside within the Sultanate of Oman only. The questions are all in the Arabic language and so is the website.

To check out the website, click here.


Amjad said...

Their domain expired. :-D

Sleepless In Muscat said...


the website is still running. I just check it now.

Amjad said...

Yes, now it's working. I just checked. But when I posted that comment it said that the domain expired and I also tried accessing the website sometime later and got the same result. Now it worked.