Wednesday, July 11, 2007

no more

If you're sad - you're sad - so, you frown
You laugh - yes, you laugh - yet, you're called a clown

You have tears in your eyes
A sad feeling that deprives you of your sleep
A smile that lives no longer in the spark of your eyes
And you wonder, when you wake up; 'was it really a dream?'

You smile - yes, you smile - portraying the sadness in your eyes
You used to have that twinkle in your eyes
You used to glance and people's cheeks would become ripe
And all you'd need was a support hand to say they would be there, but now you're alone - inside

The little child that used to dance along to the tunes
He would dance to the beat and rock the room
Smiles no more, instead, there is gloom
He stays alone, in his corner, not knowing what is it he must do

A smile is a smile on the face to the cheek
A tear in the eyes, is how I feel - the silence I speak
Bare-bone body, white walls
The magic that used to be there, lives no more