Monday, May 14, 2007

1st proposal - Horizon newsletter: The Internet: A Luring Web of Deceit

Since this is article has not been approved - as of yet - for publishing in the Sultan Qaboos University's, Horizon Newsletter; I am posting it for your kind review in a hope to see what you all think of it and the topic it embodies.


The Internet: A Luring Web of Deceit

How many times have we ever felt the need to address certain domestic issues, not in our country, but within our very own families?

Unfortunately, the Internet boom has had such an impact that it has seriously affected the general relationships that a normal household usually has. This is in the form of first introducing itself as a form of technology that is new and tempting to the eyes and mouth of tech savvy individuals, slowly yet gradually luring them into the cyber world, affecting the very fabric of their each individual relationships with their respective family members - taking away precious time that cannot be easily regained.

Later on, as they get hooked, they start to discover the world that they have now found, exploring its every corner – good and bad. Trying out everything they can click their mouse upon and type away what they have been holding back in the very depths of their souls. Thus, going through the exploration stage of their basic human emotions – sadness; happiness; anger; deception and submission – but with one exception; they share it with no one.

The next stage is often dealt with confusion and frustration as they start to question the very values that they started their life off with, asking themselves what is right and wrong; asking themselves about the certain basic principles in life and the issues that surround it. Coming in to a clash between what they used to believe in and now what is apparent to them and perhaps trying to find a solution or even a compromise between the two.

The digital may have delivered a competitive advantage to the people behind the keyboard and the mouse; but it has also taken away their voice, their dignity; the value for trust, integrity and the most important factor of living a basic normal life; the sense of realism.

The Internet is here to stay – would you succumb to its luring web of deceit?