Thursday, May 03, 2007

issues - part 2

Here's another thing I'd like to throw at you.

Have you ever noticed how the law is applied here in Oman?

We may not be a developed country but that shouldn't mean that we follow the people who drop themselves off the cliff. We are far more civilized than anyone could ever imagine to be if only we exercise the pressure on the people that have that authority in their hands to keep it in the hands of justice.
A lot of you may seem confused by what I have laid down as a thesis in the above said. But, what would you say if you ever heard that a country applies its laws on a lot of the folk and leave them with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a bad reputation while others who are in far higher authoritative positions are left to wonder freely without a worry or a care?

I know Oman is not a case by itself and that this is found in many countries worldwide, but, again, that doesn't mean that we should follow the pack - should it?