Saturday, May 12, 2007

what a load of crap

Today's Oman Tribune carried an article under which is it described the events of the 5th session of the Sustainable Development Committee, at New York, of which the Omani delegation had attended.

The irony of the so-called event is how the Omani delegation said, "...
that the Sultanate had been pursuing a balanced approach to development".

This is clear from the wide array of development projects that are, of course, not endangering the wildlife or creating pollution in any which way at all. Such as the the many hotel resorts that are coming up all over the Sultanate such as the Yiti beach tourism resort project. Or the vast development in misusing water all over Oman, when everyone knows that it was the government that pushed the panic button in the case of preserving water and electric resources because our electricity isn't powered up by any other natural resources but rather through water desalnation projects that are up and coming due to the heavy demand on the real estate industry and increase in the service industry scope.

If there is one thing I cannot stand is they know that everything is going down at a plummeting rate, yet they say that everything will just be alright. As if they have no conscince whatsoever for the future generations.

And I again ask - what is the use of having an organization that it's sole purpose is to educate the people of Oman about the endangered species and their local habitats & the impact of such development projects on the environment such as the Environment Society Oman when it can barely move a muscle in order to stand afoot in the face of environmental exploitation?



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