Monday, May 21, 2007


I'll be straight with you. I'm not very familiar with the original Transformers cartoon series that was out in the 1980s except for a few flicks of the remote control.

And to this day, I still can't believe that Hollywood is delivering some really good movies out of cartoons and video games. Its every nerd's dream come true.

Naturally, I've been following the line of movies that are coming out this summer and one of them was interesting because of the mere title. But I had never seen a full featured trailer to further anticipate my drooling appetite for more and more great movies.

That is, until I saw the full featured trailer of the Transformers.

I'll just leave you to see it here and you decide whether it is worth the watch or not. As for me, I'm eagerly awaiting it because of all the action packed moves that I saw in it.

So without a further ado..

Edit: Forgot to add that the production company behind Transformers has already confirmed that there would be a Transformers 2.


Modee said...

i used to love the cartoon
its going to be an amazing movie
the big truck is called morpheus prime hes the leader of the good transformers
the logo of the bad transformers is purple
i remember it all
good casting
i couldnt have chosen the right characters for this movie myself

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Morpheus Prime sounds like a name out of the Matrix. LOL.

But I have to admit that the trailer for this movie is absolute wicked.