Wednesday, May 23, 2007

what is the point?

Yet another association has been declared by the government.

I ask you all. Honestly. What is the point of declaring these associations if they have no rights? If they cannot take decisions that would turn into actions? What is the point other than to show off their badge to the community and society whilst boasting 'Look. I belong to this club'?

A lot of non-governmental organizations have seen their way to being declared with the blessing of the government. So many that listing them here would be a tiresome exercise.

But more to the point, what is the the goal of such an organization than to meet up and say their opinions and gather up to have tea, biscuits and the such under the name of a 'so & so' organization that has no power to take any action towards helping their members? Such are the examples of the Environment Society of Oman; the Omani Workers Association; and the Omani Consultants Association?

What is the true point behind establishing these organizations apart from the fact that all they do is waste important assets such as time, money and unfocused efforts?

What is the true point?



- Decleration of Omani Pharmaceutical Association by Juma'a Al-Juma'a