Monday, May 14, 2007

Chime in Time

She says it with sadness in her heart
She looks as if she will start to weep, and I want her to stop

She starts with a tear
Within me, grows my fear

I stop, frozen in time
As I look into her deep hazel brown eyes

I feel weak
I cannot speak
I feel a coldness touch my heart
As it sinks into the depths of my soul

I only wish I had known altogether
That this wouldn't have been forever

As her lips start to part
I heard those words that broke my heart
She would say them with tears drowning her eyes

'I can't love you'

A moment of silence
The sense of despair
Clouds moved on by
In the soft breeze of the air

I closed my eyes and I wished this was all a dream
Shattered emotions as I begun silently to weep

As I chose to stand there in time
I stood there silently attempting to comprehend my crime
Time never stood still for me
As it went on to chime