Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Second Chances

If you can't be here for me
Then I would just head for fate
The choice I have been given
The option I take

Bells toll away
Children laugh and play
A silent tear on my face
I cry before I meet my fate

The chosen surface of hypocrisy
I wish not to live
The style of regret and negativity
That push me to this

Square one
The flower that lives no more
The broken heart, the solitude

You are not here
You want me not
I choose to end this all
Forgive me, dear Lord

As I take this step
Into the never ending pit of Hell
I think of the feelings I had for you
The untamed desire

Alas, no one can understand what true love is
Nor romance
This is how I will meet my fate
As I no longer wish for a chance


Anonymous said...

wish I knew who you were talking about

Anonymous said...

btw: what do u mean by 'Parturition'?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Its just a fictitious story. And 'parturition' means delivery.