Sunday, May 20, 2007

don't get fooled

I've been approached numerous times about this issue and I just wanted to make it clear to those who are lured into this small scheme of 'positivity'.

Now, before I go any further, let me just say that I may sound too pessimistic for my own good most - if not all - of the time. But that doesn't neccessarily mean that I am someone who looks for tragedy and goes on like Pigglet graving around in slogans of 'woah is me'. On the contrary, I am very a cheerful person looking always for the chance to make people smile, laugh and enjoy their lives to the edge and for those who don't believe in it go bungey jumping.

So when you are reading this post - please bear that in mind and consider it very carefully before making any judgment calls.

Now to the topic at hand..

I've been approached a number of times about having to get in touch with my positive sense because people seem to make the assumption that I am always down on myself and my own rotten luck. So they recommend to me that I should watch this movie by the name 'The Secret'.

The Secret is mostly a how-to televised guide made to introduce you and encourage you to think positively but for all the wrong reasons. The reasons that it uses is based on the so-called 'Laws of Attraction'. And while I try as much as I can to not judge a person by their beliefs and their understandings of mother nature & what else destiny holds in store for every single human being on this Earth - I believe The Secret is a total waste of time, effort and money both for us the viewers since it doesn't really teach us anything new but I also believe that the true purpose behind The Secret's production is to lure those who are faithless and also those who of other faiths - no matter which religion they may follow - but of the poorest 'standard' (i.e.: believing in their religion but not to the point that they could ever prove their point of view to be right in many cases).

The Secret offers a western and capatilist approach to the theory of 'Laws of Attraction'. Being that it implies strongly all throughout the movie that your positive thinking patterns is what brings to you what you wish the most just by thinking hard about it and at the same time applying this theory to everything you think badly about making, for instance, your day even more worse for you should you just think only negative thoughts all throughout the day.

The Secret has been devised so deviously that it provides the backup those who are weak in their faith in the western civilization by offering the neccessary 'nudge' by several religious and scientific figures to make you think that whatever it is you are about to endeavor is truly the right thing.

Its not amazing to me that such a movie has caused such disturbance and criticism in the West by both critics and science folk alike of which oppose the very idea that the concept of The Secret pushes forward to. And it does not amaze me either that this movie has been a large success in the US market and making its original book adaptation a best-seller. As the way The Secret has been made up - I am surprised that there's no '555' number at the end of the credits.

The only advantage that you would get out of the entire movie is that pushes you to think more positively about your life, which is commedable enough. But that's just about it.



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