Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Songs of the Birds

To the one lady that will, forever, change my life's course:

She sings the songs of the birds and then she cries
Her tears fall gently as she weeps silently in the dark night
She hums the song as she dwells
She hums and hums so silently so no one can tell

How far scared she is
How far, in life, she is
How far, her pressure, would seem to be
How hard, for her, to keep her composure, so elgantly

She sings along and then she stops
She looks out the window of her bedroom as if to focus on a spot
She seems so silent
So peaceful
So calm
She sings the songs of the birds as time carries on
She rocks back and forth as if to be calm
She rocks and sways
Everytime hitting her on the wall but nothing to say

She thinks on
She carries on
She gets up to the bed, to where her thoughts should belong
She closes her eyes and sings on still
She hums along as she pulls over her, her quilts
She opens her eyes one last time
She lets out a tear, before wishing the air goodnight

And as she closes her eyes, one more time
She sings along the songs of the birds in the dark, dark night