Sunday, May 20, 2007

proposal - Horizon newsletter: Is Enough Really Enough?

Below is the latest foreword for the Sultan Qaboos University, Horizon newsletter that I have proposed to be published soon, inshallah.

Please take a few minutes to review it's contents and tell me what you think of it.


Is Enough Really Enough?

At times of distress and possible danger, our bodies respond by circulating adrenaline in our veins to make our reactions faster, stronger to avoid the perils caused by the hazard that we are in face. In sports, we are pushed further by the rush of testosterone levels in our blood streams to respond to the level of pressure we exert on ourselves in order to reach the goals we want to achieve. It is also an established fact that the human brain only uses a fraction of the Oxygen that we inhale to reach the mental capacity that we use in our everyday lives.

These facts and more are positive proof that the human body and mind are both capable of extraordinary things if the right circumstances are available or if there was pressure implied upon the individual. Meaning which, that, both the human body and mind are capable of extraordinary doings if one was to exert pressure upon themselves – but what about ordinary circumstances? What about the time that we are left by ourselves on our own to exert our very own normal duties and chores? What about reaching the unreachable?

The human body is perhaps one of the world's unsolved mysteries due to miraculous happenings the world over and this is all due to the factor of perception. The human perceives as it wants to not as it should or as we want it to. If we perceive that we are in negative situation then our body would respond accordingly and vice versa in terms of being in a positive situation.

The point of perception is to make you believe. But that in itself, is a two edged sword. If one is lured into the perception that he has many weaknesses then that person would be greatly disappointed and his body activity would respond by making him feel much worse in hormone changes and such.

It is here that we grasp this weapon and turn the tables on the enemy here – our very own demon – and say to ourselves that although we have lost so much in such a period of time we still have our determination, our pride, and our invigorative spirits to keep us ahead. Making us more and more stubborn whilst at the same time enforcing on ourselves that understanding on our minds to the point whereby our bodies would respond and push on further ahead in the same direction.

The point is here: if we are capable of doing extraordinary things at only certain times and circumstances, then that should mean we are more than capable to do the very same things in our normal daily lives.

Which begs the question: Is our enough really ever enough?