Monday, May 07, 2007

2nd proposal - Horizon newsletter: Graduation

This is my 2nd proposal to the Sultan Qboos University Horizon newsletter.

Let's hope this time they accept it.



This week saw the graduation of 86 Medical students from the Sultan Qaboos University, the 14th batch to have graduated since the time that the University ever since laying its foundation in the year 1982.

Those students have had to go through 7 long years of practical and theoretical education to which they had grown in many ways, by going through many ordeals in the voyage that would ultimately accumulate and mould them one fine day.

That day when they finally go inside a hospital and declare, with all their pride that they are now officially doctors who are on a duty to deliver the best healthcare that our Omani population looks forward to when they are hospitalized.

But it isn't all downhill from here on; for this merely the beginning. The day they start their official duty is also the day they assume responsibility for the hospital's (the one they would choose to work in) reputation, responsibility for their patient's welfare, and also responsibility to assume the most important role in their entire lives; heeding to the call of the country when help is needed in cases of emergency – ultimately saving our lives.

Imagining the feeling that these graduates are going through currently, they must be tossing and turning in thinking now what to do now with their future, and about their upcoming plans to further develop their careers. The happiness that they are feeling about how they graduated finally from the University and how they finally crossed the finish line. How they get to share all their happy moments with the ones they love the most, having the time of their lives.

Its that loving feeling that one gets from graduating and accomplishment that the most rewarding experience comes. In seeing the smiles around yourself; in seeing how the world around you is happy for you and shares your graduation along with you.

But as it is, this is merely the first step in the million mile journey.

Wishing everyone the best of luck in your first steps..


Amjad said...

very well-written. but... "since the time that the University ever since laying its foundation in the year 1982."

are you sure of this year? it's 1986 as far as I know...

Sleepless In Muscat said...


you're right about the day they commenced studies .. but as far as the year they started building SQU, it as in 1982.


OmanforLife said...

It's a very nice...well written article. I'm sure it will be accepted. There's nothing controversial about it...

Sleepless In Muscat said...

you're right..

it got accepted today with some minor changes - of which i have no idea were

it boggles me when they say something's controversial and talk about facing real facts that they want to face in true life.

i mean, how hypocritic can you get?