Sunday, May 06, 2007


I would like to apologize to every single person who reads my blog, as I made a mistake.

I had published the 'proposed' Horizon newsletter foreword on the assumption that I had already gotten the approval but, unfortunately, they called me up today and said they cannot publish it because it contains 'sensitivities'.

I tried to enquire as to what these 'sensitivities' were, but all they could say to me was to send them a new foreword immediately within the next two days.

Therefore, I apologize to all of you because of my misassumption.

I hope this will not deter you from coming back to review anything on my blog.


OmanforLife said...

No apologies are needed. Sorry that the paper wouldn't go ahead with the story. I have to guess that there are people that are not ready for the public to have an opinion? I suppose it's safer to print mind-numbing matters, rather than something worth the time. This is the exact reason that I choose not to read the local papers. I don't care about the "who's who" needless details...or a reprint of the indian/far eastern newspapers. And for the love of is fine and all...but do we really need more than one page devoted to cricket? Thanks anyway...but I'll stick with the internet.

Sleepless In Muscat said...


thanks very much for understanding my position.