Monday, May 14, 2007 I want to relive those days...

Below is the latest article in the series that gets published online on the website.

Before I leave you to the article, I would just like to say that I am very much a man who would like none other than have his work speak for himself. Basically, without intereference, apart from times where a change has to be done to the work to make it more appetizing to the reader. The article name you see in the title of the post isn't mine, it was altered. My title was a straightforward 'This is for you; Dad'.

I have no idea as to why the title had been changed but I feel it is very much regrettable and something that pushed me further to the edge by stopping the sending of my articles to he said newspaper online edition especially when you know that I am not getting paid one single penny for my hard work and dedication to the writing profession, through them.

I'll leave you with that thought as I publish this article with the original title and a firm message to the online editor - don't test my patience.


This is For You; Dad

I was out one day dining at a local restaurant and noticed whilst waiting for the food to be set that there was a father and his very young boy sitting together eating. That small moment of the father and his son reminded me very much of my childhood and what I sincerely miss so much.

I remember a lot of moments that I had shared in the past with my father much like any grown man who has done the same. But to me, it feels like I have missed out on so much.

I feel that I would like to get to know my father more. Get to see him more. Get to go out with him like a friend. And I guess the age difference between the two of us has that affect on our relationship –– as a son to his father. In more ways than one; the misunderstandings, the quarrels, the bonding between me and my dad, but most of all, the ever lasting memories.

I consider myself a very sensitive man when it comes to emotional issues. And more than often I have seen myself drift away into my world of thoughts that would remind me of what we used to in the past when I was a young child and my father was –– as he is still now –– the handsome young man back then.

It has sunk into my pool of thoughts of how I wish that time would just turn back to the good old days and just stay there for eternity so I could relive those days over and over again.

My father, as I am sure that any other father would, has been with me through thick and then. Through my sick period and over looking my best interests just to make sure I came out alright. The ever watchful eye, the ever preventing impenetrable wall that would stand in the way of anything that would harm me in any way.

He was always there for me. And I am afraid of the day that I would lose out on the one soul, the one person, and the one figure that I had always put in my mind as a role model to aspire to and make him proud of me.

My only hope that I would have that chance before it is time, God forbid.

This is for the man that has always had a smile on his face for me. The great wisdom and guidance that has always been by my side. The never-ending love that has come out of this man's soul for the only son he's ever had.

I only wish I had it in me to repay you for everything you have given me to this day.

This is for you, dad.



- I want to relive those days...


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