Monday, May 21, 2007 Snatching Success From the Jaws of Defeat

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Snatching Success From the Jaws of Defeat

A lot people think that having to fail at anything means you're not worth the trouble of having to educate you with the correct method or solution – thus, committing to the idea that you really are a failure.

This is a wrong practice that should be stopped because basically no one is perfect in this world and the reason to that is that God created us all with imperfections. It is our imperfection that helps us collaborate with each other and completing the tasks or specializations that we find as an easy task – ultimately, completing one another.

Our failures are probably the only motivation we have in our lives to makes us better, stronger, wiser, and more considerate of many various factors that ever affect our lives. And it is to them, that we should embrace in because it really isn't our successes that make us and that would be because they only make us gloat and feel happy. But they don't actually teach us anything. But our failures are there to tell us that we did something wrong; granted, in the worst ever way rather than in a scuttle manner.

Failures are also there to help us to look around and realize the realization of the situation and the environment that surrounds us; bringing us back down to Earth, so to speak. They also teach us on pushing harder and harder to get a better, more successful result in the job that we seek to finish; something, which does not come easily.

There is a question that is always asked by people who are interested in the psychological field. You are asked to observe a half glass of water and then after doing so, you are questioned as to whether – in your perception – if you see the glass half full or half empty. It is a serious question that simply analyzes how your mental state is in the time of the question. Saying that the glass is half full means that you are a positive person, and that you look forward to life and that you are happy with your current position in time. On the other hand, saying that the glass is half empty clearly states that you are pessimist, a person who thinks very negatively – and to great lengths – and thus, probably, wishing that you were not born.

Whether it is this or that is entirely up to you and how you control your emotions and your mental physique on every problem you face.

After all, life is all about 'snatching success from the jaws of defeat'.