Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sorry your Highnesses - but I don't agree with you

The recent proposition by the GCC leaders to 'Israel' has left me quite astonished. How the people that we look up to as role models have just taken a decision that basically takes pride and shoves into the dirt and mud. Leaving us, the people of the GCC countries without a proper explanation as to why we should even follow suit having put into consideration what has happened for over 50 years of illegal occupation of Arab lands - Palestine; the Golan Heights; and Shiba'a farms in Southern Lebanon.

The GCC leaders have put forth what they seem to think is the most suitable solution to the ongoing struggle between the 'Israelis' and the Palestinians. When they know very well that the solution they put forth-hand has clear implications on the impact of cross cultural and religious aspects in all GCC states.

The fact that they have asked that 'Israel' come to the negotiation tables to them by going back to the borders of the 1976 war that they overtook the Arabs forgetting about the Palestinian refugees of 1948. Which begs the question; do they just want to get it over with?

And what about the Arabs all over the world? What do they have to say? Or since we live in a world where there is semi-democracy that our voices have no strength in this important issue?

I don't agree one bit with the proposal.

And I have to say that I wish the GCC leaders reconsider their proposal to at least justify the struggle that the poor Palestinian people have had to deal with probably their entire lives.

I am sorry your Highnesses - but please reconsider..