Wednesday, May 30, 2007

staying healthy? yeah, right - part 3

The Sultanate of Oman had celebrated today World No Tobacco day in an extravagant bonanza of health schemes that took the country by storm.
Oh, wait - they didn't.

They merely announced today as the World No Tobacco day since it is celebrated on the 31st of May of every year, which, this year, coincides as a Thursday and that day being a public holiday forced the switch.

Coming to the point of this post is also the announcement of making a stricter commitment to the the policy of creating an awareness of how dangerous smoking really is, is how the Ministry of Health & the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will both set a rule for tobacco product manufacturers to place pictograms that show the effect of smoking on an individual's body.

Like that would stop them from buying the products.

"Although the law bans sale of cigarettes to youth below the age of 18 years, they continue to be sold to them. “There is no mechanism to enforce the law. We need some mechanism to enforce the law,” said Al Lawati."(Oman Tribune)

This means that the law in Oman is admitting that it cannot face the problem and that it has gone out of it's control to the point that they cannot tell a retailer to stop selling tobacco products to minors. How ridiculous is that?

We are having to make a decision on our own to be a role model for our children and the generations to come that smoking is a hazardous habit that should be cut off and immediately.


- Cigarette packets soon to have pictograms


آمنة said...

if No Tobacco day coincides Thursday, they should - and maybe would - celebrate it in Saturday.
the same happened with World information society day, was 17th May (Thursday) and in Oman it was celebrated on 19th May

so let's wait and see

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Apparently there was no announcement today not even an event about it in Oman apart from one page dedicated to it in one of the newspapers - that's all.

just goes to show, where the people's priorities are these days.