Monday, May 14, 2007

Sultanate to spend US $40 billion to build 5 airports

...And you all thought that the Sultanate of Oman was going to keep using the 'middle-class; upper-class' tourism for ages to come. Plus this is a huge blow for everyone in the environmental field because there is no in Hell that such a project that has been announced that there would be no environmental repercussions.

The Minister of National Economy, whilst on a trip to several Asian countries had agreed with the Chinese government - on behalf of the government of the Sultanate of Oman - to jointly invest a whopping sum of 40 billion US Dollars in the seven five year plan (2006-2010) to build a number of 5 airports in the country.

Do you still wish to shut me up about enviornmental, cultural and economical affects of this so-called decision?

Link: - HE Macki discusses joint investment opportunities in Guadong, China (Arabic only)


Red Dragon said...


Oman is forever gona be changed by this stupid decision,,,

upgrading the two airports we have is more than enogh to improve our tourists,,,

Sex and Dubai said...

5 airports? Geez. That's a helluva lot. Even Dubai doesn't have or need that many!

Sleepless In Muscat said...


Exactly, man. They haven't even started work on expanding the current airports and they are already committed to this decision.


I'm sorry; but that's an ill-comparison, in my opinion. Because Dubai is just one city. We're talking about an entire country here.

muscati said...

I think you misread the report because it was so badly written and the headline made it sound like it was entirely about airports. The $40 billion is the entire development expenditure budget in the new 5 year development plan. It includes 5 airports, plus ports, dry docks and every single infrastructural project the country is planning to spend money during the period such as roads, waste water projects, electrical generation projects, etc. The new Seeb airport is definitely going to be the largest project among them since it might end up costing a couple billion, but that's not known yet since the tender isn't out for bidding yet.

Here's what the paragraph says in the article you linked to:

واضاف معاليه ان السلطنة ومن خلال خطتها الخمسية السابعة للتنمية 2006/2010 تنوي استثمار 40 مليار دولار في مشروعات تنموية تشمل بناء خمس مطارات في السلطنة وموانئ صناعية وحوض جاف بالاضافة الى خدمات البنية الاساساية في مجالات الطرق والنقل والكهرباء والمياه والتعليم والصرف الصحي.