Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here's something I don't get here in Oman.

And I'll try to make this post as brief as I can so I wouldn't have to go into details so that I wouldn't get into trouble for putting such information on the 'net.

I've noticed over the years that I have grown from being a child to what I am today, that there a number of issues in my country (for the first time readers; that would be the Sultanate of Oman) that I love, cherish, adore and wouldn't change for the world.

But, on the other hand, we have a variety of other issues that need more attention but no one seems to care about whatsoever. And I imagine that these issues exist in most of the world's countries, let alone Oman being being the exclusive 'state of the world'.

And the one issue that keeps coming back to irritate me further and further, year in, year out is the amount of bull that we hear about how public and private organizations taking things seriously in matter of management, quality control and employment. The seriousness of these organizations' attitudes reflects onto the world media about how things are really done in the country.

I'm talking about how you're asked to pay under the table to get your papers finished in a jiffy; or even being put on top of the list because you're a friend/son/daughter of the Chief-Executive-Officers of the so called organization.

I'm not blaming anyone in specific here in this post, so think twice before you run speed-dial on that no-good-attorney of yours about what I am trying to say here.

What I am saying is basically, we need to start acting on what we preach. Something that most, if not, all Omanis are known for - preaching. Telling the others what they should be doing when it is us who is in need for the very advice we give away - and for free.

I'd say don't rely on others to see who you are and act on that reflection, but do look at yourself in a hard manner about what you seem to be like, what you would like to be and what it is you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

So in order to become better we need to put a radical stop to all these mishappenings and at the same time introduce a new system that would push your drive range to the maximum.

Believing in yourself is only part of the battle - the rest is up to you.


OmanforLife said...

Ah yes....bribery and wahsta. Age old problems that run rampant in our country. They are "issues" in most organizations, but since there are no check and balance systems that are worth mentioning, this is something that will not be overcome. Greed and arrogance are real socialogical issues here...and there is no stopping it, as far as I can see. The signing of the FTA is supposed to have an impact...but I can only imagine that it will only have an impact on those that cannot afford (by money or name) to bribe their way out. Transparency (shafafia) is not a word that is commonly used or known...and wahsta is a word that every local AND expat alike knows after living here for a week. Pathetic. Everyone knows that these problems are there...but choose to go along with status quo or ignore it altogether. Who exactly can make the change?

Sleepless In Muscat said...


The only change to come is the one to come from within the people who suffer the most. That is what I believe.

People choose to be striaghtforward when it comes to their issues and apply laws and civilized manners of handling things, but once they are out of those bounds, just watch pounce and break every law that mankind has ever known.

Oman isn't the only place where this happens. And, yet, that shouldn't mean that we should use that as some kind of excuse.

It is - as you say - 'pathetic'.