Friday, May 11, 2007

never take things for granted

As I am growing older by the day. I am beginning to understand more and more about my surroundings.

Things that would not just pop into my head had I been younger. I have begun to fathom certain headings in my life that I had questions for all along ever since I could think for myself. Like, why do children do the things the way they do? Or why do parents don't understand? And why should we listen to anything our elderly tell us?

Things like that.

It's fascinating to me, because it pushes me to the edge of curiosity - to know more, to learn more, to ask for more knowledge. Things that I had not conceived before because of the light that was in my eyes.

Things like why my parents are the way they are and howcome we had so many quarrels - like many families - about silly stupid things?

They knew better. They always know better. And I would be, forever in their eyes, that small child entering the kindergarden grade with a smile on his puffy face, sparkly eyes, and an invisible gesture for a warm embrace.

It's true that we should never take anything for granted.