Monday, May 21, 2007

keeping healthy? yeah, right - part 2

Ever wondered how much smokers love to smoke their cigarettes endlessly with nonsense excuses such as having to relieve their stress or tension? Or how they boast that it provides them with that magical sense of 'being cool' or 'more manly'?

Yet have you noticed how when they get into the car and start lighting one up, the first that they do right after that is to bring the window down?

So basically, they're stating - through their body language - that they love to smoke, but hate to actually inhale the disgusting smell that comes out of the filthy disgusting habit?

Ever wondered how your loved one feel once they catch the smell of that stench?


Get the picture?



muscati said...

As an ex smoker I can tell you that most smokers don't think there's anything cool about it at all. They just like to smoke. As for the stress and tension thing, well people use different things to deal with their stress. Smoking is one of them. Some people eat when they're upset. Some bang walls. Smokers smoke.

I never used to smoke in the car though. You end up with ash all over your car and yourself.

Anyhow, glad I quit smoking all those years ago.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

Maybe so, Muscati.

But that still does not answer how anyone can say they enjoy smoking when they can't stand the actual fumes.

And good on you for quitting smoking.

I am hoping everyone I know would follow suit - whose a smoker, that is.