Monday, May 07, 2007

DRM: it's so on

Let me break this topic down simply for you guys.

For those of you who are media lovers and more in touch with music, movies and electronic-books, DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the last person you would ever want to invite to your party.

DRM is basically the Advanced Access Content System organization's little present that it gives you within every single newly made CD, DVD or electronic system that has acquired its services for the sole purpose to stop the likes of you folk from copying the entirety of the contents onto your mass hard disk system.

Now, you would think after spending so much money on such a product, the least you could do with it is share it amongst those friends of yours that you would recommend it to, or perhaps just copy it on your hard drive to have faster accessibility to it instead of having to stick that CD/CD-ROM into your CDs/DVDs optical drive every time you want to check it out.

And now, because bloggers from the infamous Digg website are retaliating in full force along with the owner of the website against the AACS organization, it is now vowing to bring down every single one of those bloggers and the site owner because of such an action.

Question is now; who will you side with?



Advanced Access Content System

- DRM group vows to fight bloggers