Monday, May 28, 2007

expecting to be kicked off - part 2

So everyone on this blog knew of my decision to basically kick the bucket with the because of their decision to impose on me strict mental barriers of which topics I should and should not write.

The answer came in today..

I was told that none of the topics I would have in mind would ever be able to get published. Asking me also to consider my decision over a period of one month's time that they gave all the columnists as a vacation up until the 1st of July, 2007.

If I throw this down the drain, then all you'll ever see from me is the regular posts on my blog apart from the other posts that actually discuss the current status and problems that Oman is in for.

I ask that you all participate in taking this decision with me to help me think straight because I can't seem to.

Having said that, this is the last article that has seen it's way to being published on the website.

Thanks again for all your support.


Why do we run away from the truth?

The world is in such a grim mess these days, or has no one really ever noticed that lately?

Countries are at war within themselves, such as; Lebanon – the radical group that goes by the name of 'Fatah Al Islam' (Opening of Islam) are in a clash with the Lebanese army for destabilizing the country's internal security. The deteriorating insecure situation in Iraq where we hear and see every day-in and day-out that the country is becoming more and more stabilized after more than four years of bringing down the Saddam regime; but, reality begs to differ. We hear of escalated tensions between the UN Security Council and Iran because of Iran's development of their nuclear enrichment program, of which, Iran claims that it is solely for peaceful purposes.

Global warming and economic stability is now also amongst the top priorities of the upcoming G8 meeting, where the nation's leaders are at quarrels between themselves because the standards have not been met between their respective countries which were set by themselves and the standards that their nations through the expectations that they anticipated of their leaders yet ill-achieved.

The planet is also giving in, gradually through the increased climatic changes that are happening on a worldwide scale – this is seen through the increased after-effects of the greenhouse effects in which, for example, less harmful ultra violet rays are absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere on their way from the sun – harmful because they pose a very dangerous potential of inflicting skin cancer upon an individual. The polar ice capsules are also both melting, thus, resulting in a rapid increase of sea levels globally, and ultimately not only endangering its direct environmental habitat but also indirectly posing a threat to Polar Bears, other Arctic animals and weather changes all over the world.

Where does one find time – between all of these disasters, catastrophes, and other regional and climatic changes – to make any sense of anything?

It is of no wonder that today's generation escapes to the movies that hold a promise of hope such as the ever reliable superhero type that people turn to in times of peril such as Superman Returns, Spiderman or the other type of escape that relies on the ever basic charm and wit of comedy to let go of tension and stress of the world that we see so much tragedy of.

But it is one thing that we must all understand – we can always; but we could never hide from the truth.



- Why do we run away from the truth?


Per Your Request said...

First, you have to decide do you really want to be a writer. Starting out in any occupation you wont be able to do everything you want to do. You must prove yourself, and with time you gain more flexibility. Additionally, Im sure you have something to learn from the current structure. Chalk it up as an experince, and dont burn bridges with timesofoman.

Goodluck with your decesion.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Not a nice predicament to be facing. What topics do u wanna discuss that are so taboo?

I don't know, sometimes we feel our principles are too strong to let us compromize on them, other times one might have to choose a time and place for certain things. The more one is read and known the more influence one might be able to have in future.

It is hard to say. Go wth your heart...if it's not in it anymore then it really doesn't matter does it?

Anonymous said...

depends where priority is... is it the readers? is it the topic itself? or the principle ?

in your shoes, i woudn't burn the bridges with T.O.M (as previously posted) i would put forward some stats about ur readers to reach a kind of agreement with TOM that would keep your readers happy (as a front or spokesman for those who have opinions) and would keep the "people above" safe.

stay in the battle, don't quit.

A Yahya said...

Ali I keep on telling you this in the real world, play the game they want you to play... They have employed you to write a certain way and you should respect that. Once you become more established, you can then start writing to your own rules.

I agree with Per Your Request. Being a writer at the Times of Oman is too much of an excellent opportunity to squander. Dont blow it ;-)

OmanforLife said...

I would agree, so long as it doesn't take too much time away from other priorities, that you should stick with this job. You can push as much as you can, and get as much experience as possible.
Censorship sucks...plain and simple...but such is life here. And those are the rules. I'm not real hopeful that this censorship of our media will change greatly in our lifetimes...but eventually, it will have to. And you get to be a part of the process as a current writer/contributer. I wouldn't shut the blog down, so that you are able to get your complete thoughts out...and that we're not stuck with the cookie cutter writing.
Again, so long as you find it worth your effort and time, stick with it. You are part of something bigger.

Sleepless In Muscat said...

I'm still considering the option. When I make up my mind, I will let you all know.

I thank you all for your overwhelming support for your words and thoughts of appreciation.